Monday, March 10, 2008

First video blog

You know, I've been on broadband for almost 3 weeks now, I think, and I have only just made my YouTube account today. Click the link, if you'd like to go to my YouTube profile, which should contain links to all my videos, not sure what all it'll have at this point as it's still pretty new to me.

So without further adue, here's my first video blog:

And the follow-up to it, which is incomplete, but provided anyway:

My sincerest apologies to those on Dial-Up. Trust me, I feel your pain. I used dialup for about 2 years before getting on DSL. If you can get on broadband, trust me it's worth it. Even if you don't use filesharing (BitTorrent, e.g.) just the fact that your pages load quicker and you can take full advantage of sites like YouTube and other video-powered sites, it's worth it. And these days you pay about the same; if you don't mind, a little shout-out to my ISP, Embarq; for about $65 a month (first bill hasn't come yet) we're getting 3MB DSL and home phone, which is awesome compared to $55 a month for basic home service PLUS $22 a month for Dialup - as you can see we're actually saving money by getting broadband. If it's not available in your area, you need to hound the cable and DSL providers in your area. They want to make money, so they need to know about potential customers.

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Brian Puthuff said...

Yes, Broadband is where its at.

My favorite things being able to download huge files in minutes instead of days.

It really comes in handy when you you are downloading 1GB+ demos for your PS3 on Thursday nights. =)