Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tips for happy living, June 2008

At work, there's this calendar with all these neat little "tips" for happier living for each month. I don't know if the calendar is put out by the Church (or which one, if so) but they're good tips, and I thought I'd share. If you do just one of these things, you'll probably be happier in general.

1. Don't stop the parade to pick up a dime.

2. Fill out customer comment cards.

3. Never miss an opportunity to go fishing with your father.

4. When a friend is in need, help him without him having to ask.

5. This year, visit two or three of your state parks.

6. Include a recent family photo when writing to a loved one.

7. Hold a child's hand when crossing the street.

8. When in doubt, smile.

I don't agree with some of these. The first one was obviously coined (pun fully intended) before gas prices quadrupled since Mr. Bush took office. As for the third one, I can't - my father passed away six years ago, but when we have kids, I'd love to take them fishing.

But some are good. I love filling out those customer comment cards. I figure if a business cares enough to want to know what their customers think, the customers ought to tell them what they think (good or bad). If you have something bad to say, use constructive criticism - if you just cuss them out on the card, they'll just toss it. And then what good did you do? As for family photos, I'm big on that. Holding a kid's hand as they cross the street? Usually kids don't like that (I remember, I didn't) but when crossing a street, it does wonders for their self-confidence. (So does darting out in traffic, and surviving - I remember that too - but also cars stopping for pedestrians and walking in front of them, it does do wonders, and it helps them to trust their parent, aunt/uncle, or guardian.)

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