Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dark Reality's Backloggery

While browsing the forums (where I go for DS modding news and information) I saw a curious image in a user's signature. It's like one of those trackers which shows the music you're listening to, only with games. I clicked on it, and it took me to the root site. This site is called Backloggery, and it lets you track games you're playing and your progress through them, either for bragging rights, or to show people what you're playing, or maybe so you don't forget about games you have played but haven't beaten.

So I said OK, I'll make an account, and get started. It's currently tracking 23 games I'm currently playing or have played in the last year (no sense in going back to my NES/Super NES days but I won't rule that out down the road), so it's kind of cool. At a glance you can see what I'm up to, what kinds of games I like, stuff like that. Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo DS, PC, Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation - I didn't know my gaming was so varied. Though to be fair I play GBA games on my DS and I haven't played the PlayStation in years, but felt the need to add Final Fantasy VII because of its sheer awesomeness.

Backloggery also gives the user code to post a sort of visual log, though the code is only friendly to message boards. However, I am a nerd, and I can adapt it for this blog. Here ya go:

There we are. If you click that, you'll go to my profile and you can look up all the games I'm playing. I don't know how it determines what games are listed, maybe they change up. U in red means the game is uncompleted, I still have work to do. B in silver means I've beaten the game, but only the minimal approach. C in gold means I've completed the game, done everything there is to do. If you see the fourth icon, an M in a blue Superman-shaped icon, that means I've mastered it. I only put that on one game though. And of course the letters refer to the system. XBLA means Xbox Live Arcade, NDS is Nintendo DS. PS is PlayStation (the very first one). PC is... well, it's PC. Computer games.

So, if you're a gamer and you think you'd like to track your gaming progress online, similar to what I've done here, just click the image and make your own account. You can add me as a friend there, too.

PS - While I'm up here and on the subject of signature images, I'd also like to share another image I got from someone's sig on that led me to make my own. It's like a bookcase of bragging rights, of brands and techs one is affiliated with (typically through ownership). I did not like the graphic that the site put out, so I took a screenshot and made various changes (e.g. N DS to NDS Lite and Windows to Win XP, AMD to AMD64, things like that). Here's that:

It's kinda lame... It represents some of my interests but leaves out related things I'd rather have. For example it has Subway but not Taco Bell, 7-Up but not Mountan Dew, no love for Deus Ex, Nero but not ImgBurn... but whatever. It's still cool and makes you tilt your head and read it all and pass judgment on me based on each item (if you're a geek).

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