Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nathan's Mix 2008 II

Been a while since I've done one of these, and I don't think I even got to make one for my first mix of the year, but I finished this one a week or two ago and thought about putting it up. I've always just made these mixes for my own personal use on my Mp3 player, but this service lets me, for the most part, share the mix. As long as you keep the page open, you can listen to (almost) the whole thing.

I can't vouch for quality as I only listen to a few seconds of each song to verify it's real. Nothing stops whoever's hosting these song files to change or remove them at any time.

The new Nickelback song hasn't been uploaded anywhere that monitors yet, so it's not up there. On the "real" list it's after Theory of a Deadman and before Brad Paisley, near the end.

I used to post a tracklist like this, and try to think of some kind words to say about each song, but it always felt kinda fake. If a song's up here, I like it for whatever reason, and I don't necessarily have a story to tell - so I'll just skip down the list and explain the ones for which there is something to say.

1. Beg (Evans Blue) - This is the song that "sold" me on Evans Blue. Jen was a big fan before I was, and while I did like the singles, the albums just weren't talking to me at that point (how things have changed...), but this song pushed me over and got me listening to the rest.

4. Everything (Buckcherry) - Buckcherry might be the new Guns n' Roses, if you remember how good the latter was on their 1986 "Appetite for Destruction" album. Solid rock that just didn't care. This doesn't seem representative of that, but then again, neither does "Sweet Child o'Mine", the biggest hit from that Gn'R album. This is the equivalent of that. It's not "Crazy Bitch" or "Too Drunk" (as in "Too drunk to F&%#", heh heh) but it's got heart. It was awesome watching them play this at X-Fest 9.5 this past October, and Jen and I named this as "our song" for 2008.

5. Leave the Memories Alone (Fuel) - I first heard this watching WrestleMania 24 on pay-per-view. If ever anyone needed proof that pro wrestling matches are pre-determined and choreographed, look no further than the Ric Flair "Career Threatening" match vs. Shawn Michaels. Don't get me wrong, it was probably the best match of the night, but when Michaels mouthed "I'm sorry, I love you" before knocking his mentor out and walked out of the ring, and they cued this song as Flair got to his feet and realized what happened, it was probably the best example I've seen of dramatic effect in anything the WWE's done - and they dragged it out the next night on RAW. They should have won an award for it.

7. Piece of Me (Britney Spears) - Yeah, I put a Britney Spears song on the album. What can I say? It's good. It's not something I would have chosen to listen to, but I heard it, and it's good, so it goes on the books.

9. See You Again (Miley Cyrus) - See above, except I had no idea who this was. I thought radio was fairly safe from the Disney music that's been coming out lately, and name aside, I didn't know anything about Hannah Montana. So I heard this song on the radio and tried to remember as much of it as I could... and just about kicked myself in the ass when I Googled it. Listened to it again... hell, it's good, so I left it up there. Then Jen admitted she wouldn't mind playing it on Rock Band (on drums), heh heh.

13. Butterfly (Crazy Town) - This one's a little older. Late 90s I think, without looking it up. Rap, techno, rave, pop, I don't know what it is, but it sounds good.

15. Live Your Life (T.I. featuring Rihanna) - This song isn't great, but the vocalizing in the beginning by Rihanna is pretty epic. I'd like to believe she can sing like that without the help of a synthesizer, but I can't. Still, it sounds good. The song overall could be better, but it's good to cruise to.

17. Bad Girlfriend (Theory of a Deadman) - Just the latest in the fun/obscene rock songs that seem to try to one-up each other. "Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet, "Crazy Bitch" and "Too Drunk" by Buckcherry, and now Theory of a Deadman have one. They're all good fun to listen to. It was a toss-up between this and "Too Drunk", and I chose *this* one because it was *cleaner*, other than opening with "My girlfriend's a dick magnet" of course. "Too Drunk" is going on the next one, to be sure, but for now, this one's great.

18. Gotta Be Somebody (Nickelback) (not on the Playlist) - Nickelback's new single. The beat is as moving as anything they've done. It's like that other song they do, both of them make me think someone's honking at me when I play it in the car. The other one actually had car horns in the background, but the back-and-forth swinging sound effect through most of the song has a similar song. While this song will make it on their Greatest Hits album, it's among the best of the new "Dark Horse" album, and it's not as good as the better half of their last album "All the Right Reasons" and that's not a good sign. Still, on its own, it's a good song.

19. Letter to Me (Brad Paisley) - The one bona fide country song on the list (unless you count the Kid Rock song) that's a good story with a bit of the humor which dominated the last two Paisley songs I used. I haven't heard the song "Mud on the Tires" but I can't wait to play it on Rock Band next week.

20. All Summer Long (Kid Rock) - One of the most ambitious of the cover/remake songs they've been doing lately where they only use the beat. It starts with Warren Zevon's "Werewolves in London", but partway through, switches to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama", and the transition is pretty sweet. It's rock, it's country, and it's got that hint of hip-hop Kid Rock usually brings.

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