Friday, January 30, 2009

GOP: No healthcare for poor kids

Any Republican-voting family seeking medical care for their children this week should feel ashamed to vote Republican or to have voted Republican following the passage of a healthcare bill to extend medical coverage to 4 million poor kids. Why? Well, the bill passed, 66-32, and nine of the 66 were, in fact, Republicans... but ALL 32 opposed were also Republicans. Not a single Democrat senator opposed this. Senate Democrats tried to do this twice under former President Bush (Jr.) but Dubya vetoed it both times.

Things like this are at the cornerstone of what's wrong with the economy here in America today. The government is run by the rich. Even Barack Obama, supposed hero of the working class and minorities, is loaded. To get any kind of leadership role in the US Government, you must be rich. (Poor people shouldn't pay taxes - wasn't the Boston Tea Party considered a success, and itself based on "No taxation without representation"? Kidding, of course, but am I not onto something here?) The difference is, some of them care about us while others only care about themselves and their class. Of those who care, there are those who are genuinely compassionate, and others who realize that the worse off the working poor are, the worse off everybody is, such as is happening now. As always, I do believe the rich need representation in the government as well as their needs are important, too, but they can't be allowed to have the final say. They just can't, and this is why.

Sources: CNN, Washington Post

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