Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jollys' Mix 2009, Disc 5

Wasn't planning on doing this... I had some new songs from a CD swap I took part in through the NaNoWriMo forums (which three people backed out of after receiving their CD...) and some new stuff kicking around... turns out I had more than I thought.

A lot of stuff not on the previous mixes, so it's kinda fresh. Not all brand-new stuff, but that's not always the case anyway.

The usual disclaimer: I'm not selling this. If you want it, get the songs yourself and build it yourself. I don't own the copyright to any of these songs, I only burn these mixes to have good CDs with a high killer:filler ratio (the latter figure being as close to zero as possible).

That said:

1. Hold the Door (Armor for Sleep)
2. Alexithymia (Anberlin)
3. If You're Wondering (Weezer)
4. Mess of Me (Switchfoot)
5. Black-Eyed (Placebo)
6. Medicate (AFI)
7. Audience of One (Rise Against)
8. Jars (Chevelle)
9. Overcome (Creed)
10. An Dich (Revolverheld)
11. Put Your Death Mask On (Wednesday 13)
12. Losing His Touch (Jack Off Jill)
13. Mummy Can't Drive (Angelfish)
14. ISIS (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
15. Quietus (Epica)
16. Pyramid (Wolfmother)
17. New Fang (Them Crooked Vultures)
18. The Crow & The Butterfly (Shinedown)
19. Back Against the Wall (Cage the Elephant)
20. Dead Man's Ballet (Live) (Sixx:A.M.)

Nine of those came from the NaNoWriMo CD swap. Six of those bands I had not heard of before. And probably for the first time, I can say that only two songs appear in Rock Band, and that's the Them Crooked Vultures song and the AFI song. For all the Rise Against and Wolfmother in the game, I picked one from each that is not in the game. Weezer is also pretty well represented in the game, but as of yet, this latest single (?) isn't up there yet. Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sixx:A.M. only have one song each in the game and Shinedown has two.

So yeah. New tunes for the car.