Monday, May 14, 2007

Broken sleep schedule

Ugh. It's way too early in the morning.

I work a graveyard shift, from 10pm to 6am, four nights a week. Ideally, I'd come home, mess around on the computer for an hour or two to wind down, and go to sleep. Or, if I had plans with my wife, I'd go to bed sooner. Doing this I can wake up before noon, claiming only five hours of sleep. My job's not really hard, so I can get away with this from time to time.

Sunday was different.

I get home Sunday morning, expecting to surf the Net and just crash. But Jen's sitting on the chair by the computer, waiting for me!

Not that I'm complaining, not at all. It just threw my intended schedule off a bit.

She went to sleep around 8am, but I stayed up till 10am (the last two blog entries, and other things). I went to sleep - and woke up around noon. I knew I needed more sleep, but by about 1:30pm I accepted that I was wide awake, and decided to do something Jen had been nagging at me about for a few days (but hadn't had time to do, because I was oversleeping): the dishes.

I don't know why I couldn't claim more sleep. But she blames an energy drink we both drank Saturday. It's brand-new, I can't find much on it. I was looking at the WWE magazine at work, and on the back there was an ad for a WWE-branded energy drink called "WWE RAW Attitude: provided by Socko Energy". Which is real funny, because "Attitude" is a term the WWE haven't used since the Stone Cold/The Rock days, which is known as the 'Attitude Era'. And Socko is wrestler Mick Foley's sock puppet he pulls out of the front of his pants, puts on his hand, and puts in his opponent's mouth as sort of a funny move, but it's really a kind of nerve pinch (read more about it on Wikipedia).

Oddly enough, we can't find any information on the drink we got online. It's that new, I guess. But here it is without the WWE branding, although I believe the entire thing's owned by the WWE. I mean, Socko is a wrestling name to start with, and the site claims they have a Hogan Energy spinoff. So it's probably a company Vince McMahon started (or more likely bought out) to produce WWE-branded foods and drinks.

Either way, despite smelling funny, it's not a bad drink. Anyway, I didn't feel much energy from it. Neither did Jen, at the time, but later (she says) it kicked.

Well, last night Jen turned in at 10pm. I thought I would stay up till at least 1am. I couldn't have been more wrong. Not a minute after she headed to bed, I started nodding off. I can't speak for her, but I fell right asleep.

So here I am, I got up at around 4am. I'd be an idiot to get all my sleep at night, though I have three days to straighten out. I figure I'll stay up a few hours, blog about it, try this new game I got (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl), and sleep in at least till 10. Then maybe Jen and I can catch breakfast together. Or something.

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