Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A four-drive-thru night

Ugh. I feel like a pig... Although I really shouldn't. I am not proud of this (well, to look at it this way) but I ate from four drive-thrus tonight. No, I'm not prone to pigging out. Well, here's what happened and how.

Last week I promised my wife that Tuesday (gonna be Wednesday by the time I get this posted) I'd bring her dinner, whatever she wanted, no limit. She just had to text me the time she was going to lunch at work, and what she wanted. Little spontaneous things like this are golden for keeping a marriage interesting months or years after the honeymoon's over. Take it from a guy who's been married almost 11 months.

So I'm playing pool with my brother-in-law, and on my second beer (Bud Ice, in the bottle) when Jen tells me she's on lunch at 8 - and she wants KFC's honey BBQ boneless wings, potato wedges - and a vanilla shake. I don't eat at KFC, but I at least know they don't have milkshakes. I play a couple more games of pool, sober up (I had time) and I'm off.

There was virtually no wait at Burger King, where I got the shake. Same thing at KFC. I mean, there was one car ordering, but as soon as I came to a stop, they pulled up. And they weren't up at the window but a minute or two - same story, both places. I wasn't feeling like anything, so I got nothing for myself. I got to Jen's workplace a little early, so I had a couple potato wedges, and when she finally did get out there I tried a little of the shake. So that's two fast-food places I can count, even though 95% of it was for my wife.

On the way back, I got mine, and you know this. Taco Bell for me. Bean burrito, add jack sauce (which is Baja sauce most everywhere else); beef/potato burrito; soft taco supreme. I get back almost home, and my brother-in-law wants to go to McDonalds to get my sister-in-law some food. This is where my night gets interesting.

We go through the drive-thru, and order a strawberry shake (for me, making 4 places I ate from), a chicken BLT meal for my brother, and a chicken wrap and fries for his girl. We get up there, pay... First they shorted us an order of fries. The lady rudely looked at us because we didn't pull out - finally asked us what our problem was. Very rude. So she gives us the fries, so we pull out. John looks in the bag, tells me they gave him a cheeseburger instead of the chicken wrap. So he goes back in - I can't confirm this, but to hear him tell it, he cussed out everyone behind the counter, said they were all a bunch of dumb motherf***ers and couldn't read worth a sh**. This isn't a guy you wanna piss off. Well, he got the chicken wrap, but by the time he got home, he realized they gave him a McChicken instead of his larger, more expensive chicken BLT - and kept his receipt. So he's talking about going down there tomorrow. I really hope he doesn't get locked up, but that's his way. You just don't cross this guy unless you got a really good reason. But I guess that goes for anyone. Getting an order wrong is one thing - they were busy - but just messing with someone for the sake of doing so, seems pretty stupid to me.

But that about sums up why I don't like McDonalds to start with. Sure, they got good shakes, OK fries, and a couple good things - but their whole business is based around charging premium prices for garbage food and appealing to kids. In the pizza business it's the same with Chuck-e-Cheese, but at least those aren't as successful. I do applaud McDonalds for their charity work - that's always commendable - but on the consumer front they're trash. For what you pay, they ought to serve better food - they should at least try to compete with Burger King, which is OK for a burger. Them and Wendy's. We don't have Jack-in-the-Box out here, so the best we have is Hardee's (aka Carl's Jr.), but you pay for that.

So now I don't feel like eating anything, and I really didn't eat all that much, I just ate later than I should have. The plan was to make Jambalaya tonight, but I didn't feel like it. I called Jen and she didn't either, so that works. I hate cutting up the chicken, and there's a couple other parts I'm not too fond of, but the end result is more than worth it. That's on my to-do list, write about that, exactly how I make it and all.

...So I thought I'd list the songs as I listened to them. Stuck with country/rock/classic rock, but the sixth one was just "random". I don't necessarily recommend Lady Sovereign, but a few of her songs are fun to listen to.

Songs listened to while writing this blog...
1. Rascal Flatts - Stand
2. Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway
3. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
4. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Call Me the Breeze
5. Bob Seger - Old Time Rock n' Roll
6. Lady Sovereign - Random

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