Friday, August 10, 2007

Heatwave from Hell

So I haven't been making too many posts up here, and I have a good reason. Well, the main reason is this awesome Star Wars game, Knights of the Old Republic. You start out as a regular soldier, but turn out to have Jedi powers, and through the game you learn to hone them to become a Master - but that isn't what this is about.

The last three days have been not only the hottest days of the year, but probably the hottest since I've been out here. It's unusually hot, even the locals are complaining when previous "hot" days (that I thought were unnaturally hot compared to California were nothing. So it's pretty hot.

The Weather Channel's website says that it's only 93° out, but the "feels like" thing says it feels like 111°. I've experienced 105° that I know of in CA, and this is hotter. Much hotter.

Wednesday I got 9 hours of sleep, but I went to bed early. Thursday I got an almost unheard-of (between workdays) 10 hours of sleep. It's almost 4:30pm Friday and I haven't been to sleep. Not only am I not that tired, it's actually too hot to sleep.

Today is easily the hottest day. The last two days, I put our house fan (only 9" but it works great) right over the A/C vent and was fairly cool - as long as I didn't move. Now doing the same trick, it's only tolerable - but it's almost intolerable everywhere else. Even with the A/C working its hardest, it's still 91° inside, so I don't buy that it's only 93° outside. Our A/C can take the inside temperature 10-20° below the outside temperature, on average. So I don't know where the Weather Channel's thermometer is, but it's at least 101-111° outside my place, judging by the internal temperature.

If you're reading this from CA, you probably haven't seen it this hot. At least not up in Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa did get this hot, or almost this hot, once in the 80s. I remember because my mother kept kicking me out, making me play outside, and I got this terrible headache. I was probably between 5 and 8, so between 1984 and 1987. And I think it was in August, too. Fresno and Sacramento get this hot, but it's not as humid. So it's bad, but not quite as bad. Couple that with the overabundance of mosquitos and the aggressiveness of flying insects in general and it makes for a pretty nasty outside experience.

Well well what do you know? The inside thermostat just dropped to 90°!

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