Wednesday, November 28, 2007

California vacation, Day 2: Monday November 19

As would prove to be a trend, I was the first one awake. So I took my DS to the recliner, and continued writing Sunday's blog. (In fact, as I write this, it is Tuesday morning and I am doing the same, writing Monday's blog.)

Once people started getting up, I found a coffee cup, and made me some hot cocoa. I'm talking Nestle cocoa, holiday-themed marshmallows, and a splash of milk for good measure. Too good. Then I got Jen up and made her some, too. She loved it, everyone who had some did. We left early in the morning yet on time with our plan, to drive near Sonora, CA (4 hours away) to pick up Dan's 5 year old son to spend a day together. It was a long drive, stopping only once to stretch and get coffee or other drinks. We passed the hotel we'd stay at, and about a half hour later we were up in the mountains, picked my nephew up at his other grandparents' place.

We went into town, and started at this lame park, but that wasn't working out, so we moved on to some antique stores. Antique stores used to bore me, but I mind less and less the older I get. I found some Star Trek trading cards; Jen got a sewing book for her mother and some postcards. In another store, I got some coffee.

We got a hotel room for the night, and went to the park. This was a real nice park, too. Palm trees (new to Jen), a memorial to the ends of four major wars, and a huge play area. A local girl of about 4 showed up with her dad, and my nephew about fell in love, wouldn't leave her alone for a minute, nor she him. As usual I got a bunch of pictures.

Dinner was Taco Bell. Out here on the west coast, the chili was discontinued in the 90s, so they didn't have the chili nachos they advertise at home, so I got the current special and a taco. We ate back at the room, and watched TV for a bit. Judge Judy, Law & Order CI, and Law & Order SVU. Lights went out at 9, just before RAW started. And as I said before, once again I was up before anyone, in a comfy chair, writing my vacation memoirs on a PDA modified Nintendo DS.

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