Thursday, December 6, 2007

California vacation, Day 3: Tuesday November 20

Here I am, it's 10 to 7am here on the west coast, and Mother is snoring like a bear. I got up at 4:45am to write and go #2, and I was hoping people woulld be up as my writing is caught up and it has been 10 hours since we went to bed. I got my 8 or so and I'm good, about tempted to go look for breakfast or something.

But I didn't, as it's now Thursday/Thanksgiving morning as I write this, and I am once again looking back a couple of days.

So... Tuesday morning. Mom gets up, makes some coffee, by now we're all getting up and getting ready. There are a couple tacos left over from last night; Jen and I each have one. Our nephew has part of one of those apple treats they have now.

First things first: take the kid home. He stays with his other grandparents - his mother's parents. We don't stay too long, though as we're all pretty hungry.

On the way back - which in total is about a 4 hour drive/ride, but rather early in the trip, we stop at this place called 50's Roadhouse, expecting breakfast but finding they only do that on the weekends! So it's burgers and fries and shakes around the table. Good stuff. Then we continue the long drive.

Jen and I are so happy to be back in Santa Rosa, as the back seat of a 2000 Honda Accord isn't nearly roomy enough for us. But it was cool, because it was like a trip within a trip. Which we will actually be doing again, when Friday we go see my favorite cousins in Fresno - although that time, I will be driving.

So we're back, and we go to see my brother. He's staying near where we used to live, so it's real easy to find his place. We pretty much checked out the place, the computer, and some Xbox 360 games. Stayed there for a couple hours, then Jen and I went for dinner.

We ate at a "real" Mexican taqeria, one that my mother had been going to for years. It had been redecorated and all the prices had about doubled, but oh was it worth it. I got a chicken burrito and Jen played it safe, got the nachos. About $35 to eat there, but again, it was really good.

After that, we went up to Safeway for chips and salsa, chicken and sausage. I had been telling Jen about Safeway's awesome store brand salsa, she wanted proof, so I made it happen.

We got home a little later than Mother would have liked, and went to sleep.

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