Saturday, September 15, 2007

Plantar Wart update, #1

I say #1 because I fear there will be more developments in the case of my plantar wart, and not all of them good. So where was I...? Ah yes, Friday morning. Jen was supposed to wake me up at 6:30 or thereabouts after a short nap, but when she got up to leave, she said I was sleeping so soundly she just couldn't disturb me. I was a little disappointed she'd left me out, but also partially relieved she allowed me extra sleep I quite honestly needed anyway. I got ahold of her closer to 9am, I think, and she and her mom were just coming back from Greenville. Jen said she'd pick me up on the way, so I had a little bit of time to get ready.

So I go to put on my shoes, and putting on the left shoe, despite my best care, hurt like getting kicked in the nuts. But I did it anyway. They picked me up, and we went to Walmart. I got in a wide-load wheelchair (horray for big guys) and half the time Jen pushed me, half the time I pushed myself, but my previous experience with wheelchairs is another topic for another day. We had a great time; it was a highlight of the day being off my feet and mostly not worrying about them. (But now I kick myself for not getting certain things there I probably spent more on Walgreens this morning, but I'm getting ahead of myself.)

One of the things we were at Walmart for was a computer gamepad so Jen's mom and mom's boyfriend could play the Super Nintendo games on the computer without being stuck with awkward keyboard controls. I set her mom's boyfriend up right in Super Mario Allstars; he only plays Mario 1 and Mario 3, and now he has infinite lives in both. He claims he used to be a pro at both back in the day. I don't doubt him, that's me as well. Mario 1 was the first game I really got into, perhaps the first game I beat, and Mario 3 was the first game I bought with my own money (saved up allowance for months).

Then we got to talking about Jambalaya and Cajun foods. To make a long story short (since I really am getting offtopic), one of these days (like, when the wart is gone) we're going to go over there and make them some sausage and shrimp Jambalaya, a combination I haven't made before. I'm not a big fan of shrimp, but I'm only one of four who isn't, so if I pick the shrimp out of my plate and put it back, that's more for the rest of them. Likely I'll dish up first so they have more shrimp per scoop.

Back to the wart. Freakin' thing's been kicking my ass all day. Jen's mom got our nephews some M&Ms, and I promised I'd take them over, as I was planning on watching SmackDown! with my brother-in-law anyway.

Then we stopped at the pharmacy, and I got me an idea. They had the do-it-yourself freeze-off wart kits. I asked the pharmacist about it, and he was 110% sure it would work to just take care of it at home. So here I got a choice. Either suffer for a week on these salicylic acid pads that aren't doing squat, or do myself what the doc wants to do in a week. Decisions decisions. So I call up my stepmother, and after a good 20 minute conversation she's all behind me doing it myself.

But... there's always a but, isn't there? I open the container, and I'm reading the instructions. Seems this kit is only for small warts, not bigger ones like I got. So do I hold the applicator on the wart longer? Do I press hard? Do I apply three treatments all around it to get it all? So many questions, and all of them basically saying that the wart I have is too big to be treated by the home kit. But I don't think it's $20 wasted. Warts are contagious, and if Jen starts to get one, she can nip it in the bud right away.

Inevitably, Jen had to go to work. I putzed around on the Internet for a couple hours, and then popped in a DVD we'd picked up a month or three back but just never got around to watching yet: Lucky Number Slevin. Barring a longer review (it's coming! --Clerks II reference), let me just say that it was hot. Absolutely amazing. Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley do great jobs (only partially because of such a witty script, the former at least shines in anything) and are well supported by Bruce Willis and Josh Hartnett. 9.5/10. Well, I guess that was a review, wasn't it? So what are you waiting for? Rent it if you like, but this is one worth owning.

By the time the movie ended, it was about 7:30. SmackDown starts at 8, so I pretty much high-tailed it over to my brother-in-law's place. I didn't last the whole show, around 9:30 I started getting tired, and left early, came back home and took a nap before Jen got home. I also got up with my boss, and found out I'm cleared on days off until the end of next week. I hate to miss hours, but I gotta do what I gotta do to get this taken care of, y'know?

Update #1 comes to a conclusion early Saturday morning, after Jen got off work. I tell her I want to go to Pitt County Memorial Hospital to have them freeze off the wart early. We weigh the options, and decide at 6:30am to go ahead and do it. We're out of the hospital by 9am - they're quick early in the morning. Of all the competent doctors (and PCMH has many), we get this House wannabe who made me feel like a tool for coming to the emergency room with something as insignificant as a wart, but the way he put it was alright. I mean, he was right, and Jen was trying her hardest not to laugh. At me, at the situation. So they prescribe me Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, et al for you non-technical folks), much stronger than you can buy over the counter. 800mg, the real deal. So I hobble back to the pharmacy to pick up the meds. Yeah, I know Walgreens has drive-through, but I wanted to get the "right" saly...whatever pads for my feet. I shoulda just trusted Jen to get the right ones.

So I get home, around 11am, I think. And in the past 26 hours, I've gotten maybe 3 hours of sleep. But none to worry, the bed is where I'm going now.

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