Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Plantar wart Update #2 (Monday)

Well, in the previous blog (The one done on the DS) I forgot to mention, for what it's worth, that we got home around 10:30. This is the continuation of that story, as it were. Why it gets a separate post, I dunno, just thought I'd break it up. I didn't want much around what I'd written on the DS, just thought that should mostly stand alone. Anyway, we got home, we pretty much just put on a movie and went to bed, but in actuality we stayed up surfing the net and playing DS games. The movie was Joe Dirt, where David Spade plays the mullet-sporting loser looking for the parents who abandoned him when he was a kid. Like Forrest Gump for rockers. Hell, even Kid Rock's in it, and the soundtrack is similar to that of Dazed & Confused - a lot of good classic and 80s rock. Just a good movie, I'd seen bits & pieces of it, never seen it all the way through before.

So we get to bed around 4:30am - Jen says closer to 5 but I don't think it was that late. I get up around 1 to use the bathroom, try to get her to wake up, to, umm... Yeah, cuddle... but she's just real tired, so I go back to sleep. I get up again at 3:24pm (funny when you remember the exact time). So of course she's gone to work. So I get out of bed, hobble on out to the computer, mess around on the Net for about an hour. Now you have to realize, every little trip for me is kinda painful. From the computer to the bathroom, the bathroom to the bedroom, the bedroom to the computer... From the computer to the couch isn't so bad because they're not far and I can slide the computer chair (it's on wheels) to the couch and hoist myself across, and vice versa. Now, I'm really bad with measurements and all, but I estimate perhaps 20 feet from bed to the bathroom, and another 30 from bathroom to computer, so 45-50 from bedroom to computer. Each step hurts. So you do the math.

So when I had to go to the bathroom, of course I cut the computer monitor off, take care of business... All of a sudden the bed's looking appealing. I'm still planning on going over to Jen's sister's place to watch Monday Night RAW at this point, which starts at 9pm. I take care of business, I head to the bedroom... Just gonna lie down for a bit. It must be about 4:30-5pm now. This is when I start thinking I might not make it to watch Monday Night RAW. I fall back asleep, and drift in and out of consciousness for the next 4-5 hours.

So I wake up at 11pm, RAW is over, so that's that. I go out to the living room to get my phone, head back to the bathroom to use it, and see Jen's called twice, left two voicemail messages, and an eerie text message that says something like she's worried and wants me to write back. OK, she doesn't know I slept all day. The voicemail messages basically say that plus that she's calling her sister to see if I went over there, maybe forgot my phone. Now in the bathroom I notice something I don't want to see: drops of blood from the door to the toilet. Sure enough, the pad I've got on my foot is leaking, not quite blood, but something like that. The doctor at the ER basically said that the salicylic acid in the pads is killing the wart and that that's normal, more or less. So OK, I get some of it cleaned up, changed the pad (ooh what a mess), and put a sock around the new one to help hold it on.

Then it's back to bed. Jen gets home, and the sweetie makes me some healthy chicken/pasta/veggie skillet meal she's got in the freezer. Those skillet meals are so damn good, even the healthy one was tasty. (Not as good as the Southwestern Chicken kind, but it's probably got too many grams of fat for Jen's Alli diet.)

4am, and Jen goes to bed, leaving the Internet to me for a bit. It's funny, I've been in bed for the better part of the last 24 hours, and I still feel a little tired. I could go back to sleep. And now it is Tuesday. My doctor's appointment is Thursday, not long now, and I can get this damn thing zapped off with Liquid Nitrogen. (Heh - the doctor tried to tell me what liquid nitrogen was like I hadn't seen Terminator 2. I think since 1991 was, every 80s kid knows what liquid nitrogen does.) And I've heard it two ways: One, they freeze the wart and send you on your merry way, and a blister forms beneath the dead, frozen wart, causing it to fall off (then you gotta deal with a blister, which more often than not is a BLOOD blister), and then it's cool. Two, they freeze the wart, then cut/pry/peel it out, and put a bandage over it. The former sounds more likely. Either way, once they freeze it, it shouldn't be bleeding/oozing anymore.

Now, I'm sorry if you got grossed out reading any of this, whoever you may be... but I have tried to tone it down some, and I have been trying to take the edge off some of it...

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