Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Plantar wart update #3, Things looking up!

After that bloody incident last night... Oh, where did I leave off? Oh, I see. 4am, Jen went to bed. I was planning on going to bed at 6, then 7... Long story short, I haven't been to bed yet. I'm a little tired, but I'll manage. Moving right along...

Around 10:30am, I had installed and played a couple games of the old Unreal Tournament, I had done most of what I wanted to do, and I went to the bathroom. I realized that the sock I'd put on my left foot was bloody again. Oh no... I take it off, the sock is ruined. No two ways about that. So I carefully remove the sock, and change the pad/salicylic acid disc, soaked in bloody gunk, which had not been on quite 12 hours. I replace it with a fresh one after wiping it all off with the top of the ruined sock, but this time wrap it in gauze. When I first got the thing on my right leg I thought was a spider bite, I was wrapping it in Food Lion brand generic gauze, and that wasn't working well - but I bought a bunch on sale. So I wrapped my foot in that.

I must have done a superb job of wrapping my foot, or (I'm hoping) the worst of the wart was over. I could almost walk on my left foot! Hadn't even recently had a pain pill, either. I mean I was still walking on the edge of my foot, but it was more comfortable. I go back in bed with the intention of getting a little catnap, but Jen's up, and we talk a little, and decide to start her - now our - errands early.

While Jen is getting ready, I put my foot to the test. I venture outside to see the puppies. My foot feels fine enough, so I make it to the gate. Sammy's barking at me, but I calm her down, open the gate, and get in there and see the puppies. They're so cute! I took a couple pictures - I'll see in a minute how they came out. They're mostly black, but a couple have beige-brown markings, and one has white markings, but those are mostly black. Most are all black, though. Four males, four females. Jen checked earlier. I checked a few, but didn't know what to really look for. I saw boy parts on three and one I wasn't sure of, so that one may have been a girl puppy.

I noticed one was outside the fence. I tried to call for Jen, but she couldn't hear me. I put the wart to the test again, and was able to go out and around. By this time Sammy took her freedom as an excuse to go running. I don't blame her, we don't have a fence so we keep her on a chain. (We have actually heard from a few people that keeping a dog on a chain is cruel. Since we can't get a fence, and we want the best for Sammy, we're going to find her a better home after the puppies are given away or sold.) Anyway, I retrieved the puppy and brought it back to its brothers and sisters.

OK, picture time.

Now, you should know by now. Click to make them bigger. First, from the left, we have Jen outside the pen Sammy and the puppies are in now, at least until the puppies are big enough to be adopted. The middle picture is four of them - one is actually underneath. After this picture was taken, they were all moved to the box. And the one on the right is unrelated to this post, mostly - our cat, Smores. (Photo credits: I took the one with Jen in it, but Jen took the other two.)

OK, so where was I? Oh yeah, I'd rounded up the rogue puppy. Jen caught Sammy up the driveway and lured her back with food. We caged up the dogs and took off. First place we went was the dump. They're doing some major construction on Highway 33 just east of Chocowinity, so while we went through that mess, when we came back I showed Jen an alternate route to Highway 17. (Chocowinity is basically the intersection of those two highways.) That's odd, her having been here over 10 years and me only out here 2, but hey, I like to explore.

Next, of course we're hungry. I confess to Jen my cheeseburger craving. She knows just where to take me. Hardees. (If you're on the West coast, Carls Jr. - they're basically the same thing.) I get my 2/3lb. Monster Thickburger (Six Dollar burger on the west coast) but I don't eat it. We go to Walmart, and I get inside alright. Jen's about to order when she gets a call from her sister, who is nearby and offers to treat her. So we wait - not long at all - for my sister in law. I actually wait until the ladies have their sandwiches before digging into cheeseburger heaven. I felt a little weird eating a big cheeseburger in a Subway, but what the hell.

I knew I wasn't getting around on foot, so I got into the wide-load wheelchair (I want one, minus the cart attachment) and go back into Subway, where the ladies are finishing. Jen's sister asks me why I don't get the electric one. I tell her because I have better control, and the electric ones only have 10-15 minutes of battery - and I like being pushed around like royalty. (That's actually partially true.) She tells me if she were my woman, she'd push me into something. So I tell her that's one reason I'm glad Jen's my woman. :-) We roll together for a bit, split up, find each other again (she's considering tinting her car windows), and then split up again for the day. We make our purchases, she makes hers, we leave.

We go to their mom's to deliver some yarn we bought. My mother in law (real nice lady, nowhere near the stereotypical mother in law) is knitting us an afghan (do they just call them blankets since 9/11?) for our new couch. And in our wedding colors - green and blue! We get a look at the work in progress. She has three, perhaps four feet done so far, and I think she's going for 6 feet. It's beautiful. I'm not one to judge quilts, blankets, and afghans, but I know when it's done I will be proud to have it in my home.

Then we get home, Jen pretty much has to get ready for work right when we get home. She takes my car, which she should have done yesterday, too. I'm not going anywhere I don't have to, and if I do have to, I can take Chuggy - that's her car. It's quarter after 5pm, and I'm gonna watch a movie, perhaps do the dishes if my feet feel up to it, maybe watch another movie, maybe take a nap. I've been up for 18 hours now, 18 hours and change. I should by all rights be tired. So, that's all for now. Keep wishing me luck, praying, whatever, but I think/hope the worst is over.

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