Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I hate dreams like this

So I'm laying in bed - not literally, but in the dream - thinking about how broke I am. I remember an action figure I stuffed a $20 in, but then sink in despair realizing I haven't seen it in weeks. I just happen to be looking around, and I see a piece of it in my sock drawer. (Long story short, my sock drawer is sitting on a box, the rails are broken on it.) So I start digging, and there it is. I snap it in half, and sure enough, in the bottom part there's a folded-up $20. I can almost smell the Hardee's Monster Thickburger as I take it out.

Then I wake up and realize I have all of 60¢ in my pocket. I hate dreams like that!

I can't be too mad, though, at least that's the only one I remembered. I get nightmares, bad, but it's such that it doesn't bother me anymore, like I'm desensitized to them. Now I just wake up with this creepy feeling followed by the relief that I didn't remember more of it. All I remember was a bunch of gamers who had gone into comas, like a .hack//SIGN kind of thing, and that doesn't really sound scary, but I remember it being so.

Overall though I do hate not being able to remember dreams, even bad ones, because if they're not based on copyrighted works, I might be able to work them into short stories, maybe get something published.

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