Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This is funny, but messed up.

So, I'm reading the GameFAQs board for Pro Wrestling (WWE) and someone submits a picture of their girlfriend to brag on her shirt (and to ask for opinions on it) but almost nobody comments on the shirt. They go on about whether the girl is a guy or a girl, how hideous she is...

...Now, I'm not a big fan of shallow cruelty, but the following passage was just epic (ironically, the topic creator described the girl's shirt as epic).
Jesus: Dad, I know you like to make ugly people to balance things out but what you did here is just mean!
God: What? I wanted to get creative. It takes talent to make something that hideous. *Orton poses*
The Orton pose is a reference to current WWE champion Randy Orton, click the first link to see it. It's like a victory pose.

And no, I'm not posting the girl's picture, I don't really want to contribute to her torment - just post a funny passage from the topic. And by the time you find the Pro Wrestling forum on GameFAQs, the topic will most likely be purged - topics only last a day or two anyway.

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