Thursday, January 10, 2008

More neighborly weirdness

Late last year I wrote about how our neighbor called animal control on our dog as we were trying to find a better home for her, saying that our dog bit her dog in front of her place while her dog was on a leash, where the exact opposite was true - our dog had never left her chain (or had slipped back into the chokechain) and was probably defending her puppies, and the neighbor's dog had probably gotten away from her and got between our dog and the puppies. We can only speculate as we weren't there.

The weirdness continues.

Oh, there have been little incidents. Once my wife was riding down the driveway (we share a driveway, she's in front, we're in the back) and this lady had her dog out... she quickly picked up the dog as if my wife would swerve to hit it. Or, shortly after calling AC on us, we'd ride by and she'd avoid looking at us. Yawn.

Late last year, between Christmas and New Years I think, Jen was out shopping with her sister or something. It was early afternoon and I was just getting up. I looked out front, and halfway between our kooky neighbor's place and ours, on the driveway, was this black pickup truck. The passenger was sitting in the passenger seat, and the driver was leaning up against the passenger door, talking to our neighbor, who kept pointing back here. Playing devil's advocate, she might have been indicating a vacant place next to ours, or she might have been indicating the fields behind us, where people hunt - maybe they were hunters. They were just awfully close to our place. Here's the kicker though. I got on the phone with Jen about it, and finally decided to go out and see what was the matter. I cut lights on, I'm getting dressed... as soon as the door opens, they all take off like scolded dogs. The car backs out and heads on down the road - fast - and the lady makes no hesitation getting back to her place. I just made like I was checking out the skies, admiring the day, I didn't do anything hasty or aggressive or anything. Odd, that...

Then a week or so ago, my wife's heading down the driveway. When she rounds our neighbor's place, she sees our neighbor (no, we don't even know her name) pinning her dog as if they'd just had a wrestling match and she's got him (or her) down for the three-count. Jen checks the mail, collects the mail, reverses back into the driveway, and heads out the other way to leave for work, the whole time the lady has this dog pinned. Not doing anything with it. Not giving it a shot, not putting a leash on it. I didn't see, so naturally I can't speculate further, but I know how my wife checks the mail. She takes her time, it's a daily ritual for her. It adds at least a minute, 90 seconds to her departure. Taking her time, she might have watched the lady pin her dog for 90 seconds to 2 minutes. We've been advised we should have called animal control for that (plus turnabout is fair play) but we didn't. We're the quiet type, I guess.

I was also not here for the latest incident, which took place last night. Jen called to inform me of strange activities outside. Strange activities, I ask? Sure, she says. Two or three cars out there, and she's sure one is the law. None are really coming back here though, she says - but their lights are pointed back here. (Sure, they would be, if they pulled up to her place and didn't turn around or cut their lights.) Jen also noted a car at the place next to our neighbor's, which is also vacant, and has been broken into on one recent occasion. I play devil's advocate again and speculate the weird lady might have called the law on suspicious activity in the vacant residence, thus the cop. Jen watched from a window, everyone was there maybe 15-20 minutes, I gather, and nobody came back this way.

Would y'all call that weird? OK, for most of them there are probably reasonable explanations. But ever since this lady tried to scam us (for the vet bill her dog supposedly got) we've been keeping an eye out front. Nothing aggressive, we've just been vigilant. (Oh, she has too - she posted a "No Trespassing" sign in her window - not facing the road, but facing us.) I don't know if this lady thinks we have a rivalry or whatever, but for our part we're just looking out for our own interests. I mean, we worry that she might take and kill our kittens; we have no idea what she's capable of. Maybe we should move - we have a few good reasons to - but we also have a few reasons to stay put. Not indefinitely, to be sure, but for the present we like where we're at, but that's a topic for another day.

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