Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Resolution: No Alcohol All Year

I made the radical decision a few days ago to not drink a single drop of alcohol in 2008, first as a joke ("wonder if I can do it") and evolved into something I really want to try. I am not a heavy drinker, by no means an alcoholic, but I do enjoy drinking Captain Morgan's spiced rum on occasion. When I was in California I enjoyed sampling various microbrews, and though the selection in North Carolina is much more limited, I'd drink Newcastle, Killian's Irish Red, or even Bud Ice. I'd only drink socially, and I wouldn't drink very much. So it isn't a big sacrifice, by any means, but I am going to stick to it.

A few people have told me I can't, and they're not entirely wrong. This will mean not drinking on Jen's birthday, or my own, or our anniversary, or the birth of our first child if we are so blessed, or the loss of a loved one if our luck should (god forbid) go the other way. But I think, like any challenge in life, the rewards associated with it are beneficial as well. My mother says it'll help me lose weight (I'm close to 300lbs) but I see it as a way to take more responsibility for health (same idea, different perspective) and of course save money.

The plan was to get sloppy drunk tonight and stop at midnight, but truthfully I only had about four shots of the rum all day. Jen drank the rest. I was going to drink during wrestling, but we had a coin toss to see who'd drink and who'd be the designated driver. She won, so she chose to drink. And that was fine, I didn't want to get *that* drunk anyway, when it came down to it.

2008 is a leap year, if you didn't know. 29 days in February. (My redneck brother-in-law and his redneck best buddy say leap years are a Yankee lie and that no year ever has more days than 365, but he also claims Metallica started out as a country band in Greenville, NC and their biggest album was their album entitled "Enter Sandman", and that the Internet is full of lies, so we tend to take everything he says with a grain of salt.) So 366 days of no alcohol. Think I can do it?

PS: I know this sorta breaks my "Vacation" blog, but the intention was to post that, like, the week after I got back. I know I been slackin. I'll get to it, but I need to no longer limit my blogging to just that, so I can come up here and post other stuff, too. If you'd like to see all the Vacation stuff in one place, click on the Vacation label below a Vacation post (not sure how that all works specifically, should be easy) and you should be able to pull them all up. No real timetable on when that'll get done, sorry.

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