Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Funny church sign of the ... whenever

Putting God first
makes your marriage last.

I'm not into religion, but there are so many churches out here, most of them have signs, and they're pretty funny to read sometimes. But sometimes I just feel the need to say something about them. Like this one.

In my marriage, I put Jen first. Well, every now and then she catches me on a bad day or something's on my mind and I act like a jerk, but these are few and very far in between, but for the most part I put her first in just about everything I do. My take on religion is that it's in the category of hobbies. A Christian, for example, might say that they take their religion far more seriously than any hobby, but in doing so prove that they have not met any true hobbyists. Some of these people get really into their stuff. Like a hobbyist, the religious person dedicates time, money, and mental exercise (reading, learning, studying) to their hobby. And some of those fanatics really do worship Captain Kirk or Luke Skywalker or whomever.

Jen and I both have our hobbies. Nothing we're that serious about - speaking for myself, computers, movies, and driving - and we have a couple shared hobbies. She got me into wrestling (WWE) and I got her into Star Trek. I've always been of the understanding that putting any hobby, or even work, before your partner is bad for a marriage. Besides, not knocking religion too badly here, but most of them acknowledge that they have no proof of their god's existence. When asked about proof they tell you about faith - and that's fine. But putting something you can only have faith in over someone you know exists... or putting something that you can only hope cares about you over someone you know loves you... or even putting something whose actions you've only read about or been told about over someone who has said the vows, dedicated their life to you - it's just the pinnacle of absurdity.

I'm thinking - with my massive 11 months of experience as a married man - that the key to making a marriage last isn't focusing on how long it will last per se - because that's taking the person for granted - but doing things that will make it last today. I've made it a point to tell Jen I love her at least every day lest she forget. It's not that I suspect that she will; in fact, it's for myself as much as her. And it's not like I need a reminder, either, it's just... what I do, I guess.

We're in this "until death do us part" and we don't put anything first but one another. Furthermore, in the unfortunate incident in which I outlive her, I will still consider her my wife and be faithful until my time has come as well. With dedication like that, I don't need a mythical higher power. The strongest concentration of my love goes to someone who has been there for me and will continue to do so, which I know not because I read it in a book, but because she's proven it time and again.

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