Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lots'a Soda, 4 new tires

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Let's see what we have here... 10 cases of Sprite (+2 cans), 2 cases of Sprite Zero, 3 cases of Coke Zero, 4 of Cherry Coke Zero, 1 of Dr. Pepper, an 8-pack of Powerade Option, Grape (20 oz. bottles), a 6-pack of half-liter bottles of Sprite Zero and a similar 6-pack of Coke Zero. Oh and a 24-pack of half-liter Deer Park water. And you can catch the edge of some Kingsford charcoal over on the right, I think.

All Coke products, except the Dr. Pepper which is made by 7-Up, and I don't know who makes Deer Park - Daisani is Coke's water. The funny thing is, I used to like Pepsi products. Well, Pepsi and Mountain Dew. But then I went to clear soda almost exclusively - 7-Up and Sprite. Our local Harris-Teeter has some killer deals on the Coke products - this week it's 3/$8.88; it's been $1.89, BOGO (basically 2/$5.49), 4/$10 w/free 6-pack... whenever the deals come around, we stock up. I only drink the Sprite, the water, and the Powerade. The rest is Jen's. She actually has more than I do if you don't count the water, which we share. We both have 10 cases, but she has those two 6-packs, and I just have an 8-pack - which only has 7 - 6 after I leave for work tonight.

Tires... I'd had one tire go bad a month or so ago, so I swapped it for the spare. We have a full-size spare, and it's made a slacker of me. I should have replaced it weeks ago, but we'd been wanting to get new ones. Well, my front driver's side tire almost blew with my wife and her sister in the car. Jen brought it back all tore up. I was afraid driving it to the Washington Wal-Mart (a good 8-10 miles away). Couple hours and $400 later, and Nathan's got 5 brand-new Goodyear Viva2 tires (even replaced the spare) with a 60,000 mile warranty and some roadside thing Wal-Mart offered. Also got a spare key for my wallet should I be a bonehead and lock my keys in the car. I had a spare, but gave it to Jen when I moved out here. Oh and one of those nifty pull-apart rings, so if I start my car and realize I'd forgotten something inside, I can separate the car key and go in and get it without cutting the engine back off.

Oh yeah, while I was waiting, I went over to Taco Bell and tried the new Extreme Beef & Cheese Quesadilla (I think that's the name). $1.29 and it's got their seasoned ground beef and three-cheese blend. It's a little better than I expected, but seems to need something. Maybe see if they'll put their green sauce in it, or ask for a side of sour cream to dip it in. Don't get it to go though, it's kinda messy.

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