Saturday, July 21, 2007

Funniest videos on the Net

I can't now recall if, when posting about the vacation, I posted a link to the wrestling fan crying. I belive that I did, but if not, here it is: It's still real to him!

We saw that on TV, on a VH1 program called Web2.0, and at the time, it was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time.

No more.

There is a new "funniest video on the Net", and it's not surprising it involves a little kid. What would be surprising is if you hadn't heard something about this. Ellen even flew her out for an interview.

Little girl kicks monster's ass Ellen interview

If you don't care to watch it, or if your connection is too slow, here's the transcript:
MOM: And tell Mommy again what you said you were gonna do to him if he came here.
GIRL: I said, "I'm gonna kick his ass."
M: Oh... *laughs* That's not nice.
G: If he's gonna come in here, he's gonna kick my ass!
M: *laughs* He will?
G: Yeah, uh huh... he's gonna come outta the movie, come out, he will come out and kick my ass.
M: *laughs* OK
G: And I can kick his ass!
M: OK... But that's not a nice word. You should say "kick his butt".
G: ....Oh...
New funniest video ever. The transcript is funny, now that I read it, but you have to see the video for how it's said.

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