Monday, July 23, 2007

Our DVD collection

I know sometimes I get to talking about movies and might come off like I know a lot or have seen a lot about movies, but all it takes is a quick look to the right to justify it.

If you want to see our DVD collection, click here. The site seems (to me anyway) a little more than it needs to be for what it does, but it lists the movies, and shows the covers. The covers might not be correct, because I don't always pay attention to what version, what region, etc. I figure it's the same movie regardless, and most people aren't going to care about those details. I got the movie and that's what matters. (Yes, I know this contradicts my earlier post explaining the difference between widescreen and fullscreen, but there is a difference. Somewhere.)

Anyway, we do have a lot of crap, but some of the best movies made are there, too. If you see a movie and you don't know it, you can click "imdb" to the right in the same row to look up the movie on IMDb, which has a ton of information on movies. Also the "amz" link in the same box will take you to its page, which will have some of the basic information, and then a lot of reviews.

I don't update DVDaf every time I get a DVD, so when I do update it, I scramble to figure out what all DVDs I've acquired since the last time. I may have missed a couple. But if that's not all of them, it's most of them.

Again, our movie collection.

Oh and this picture is a little dated - a month old, so maybe not - but it has most of the movies. I have more in a binder that I just didn't have room for and are separated from their cases, which are boxed up...

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