Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Got drunk last night

Since I have to work the night of July 4th, I figured I'd do my drinking early - as in the first few hours of the day. Jen started out with a couple shots of tequila, and I put the last shot and a half of the last bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in a glass of Tahitian Treat (a fruit punch soda). Then we each had a Jagërbomb - drop a shot of Jagërmeister in a glass of Red Bull. It was OK, nothing real special. (I always heard an Irish Carbomb - 1 Guinness Stout, a shot of Bailey's Irish cream, and a shot of Irish whiskey was good but never tried it.)

Then we sat down to watch the new movie Shooter, but we didn't finish it.

We had just gotten another bottle of Captain Morgans, so Jen cracked it open and took a sip and chased it with whatever fruit drink she had over there. So I went and mixed half cranberry juice, half Sprite, and took a swallow of the rum chased with my carbonated cranberry concoction. We went back and forth for about three rounds but had only killed the neck of the bottle when she gave up. I took one more, and she said I was done - but she went to the bathroom, where she spent the next half hour or so. Meanwhile, I was making macaroni & cheese (love the stuff) and kept hitting the rum. I had finished about half the bottle when Jen stopped me.

The rest is a blur. She said I passed out on the couch and that she brought me a bucket, but I never threw up. I always heard if you take an Asprin and drink water after you drink, you won't get a hangover, so I did, and I didn't. Well, I was a little out of it today, but I didn't have the pounding headache associated with hangover.

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