Friday, July 20, 2007

Why I don't care about Potter 7 spoilers

Note: No spoilers posted here. Linked, perhaps, but I don't endorse any as real (and am not in a position to).

The first and primary reason is simple: For me, the book isn't coming out for at least another year. I don't read hardcovers; they're too awkward to hold. The price has nothing to do with it - I would pay that price for the paperback if I could. I just want something I can comfortably hold and maybe tote around with me.

And the second reason is that with Half-Blood Prince (aka Potter 6) the major spoiler was out the day it came out. At first it was a shock, but then it was like "oh, ok..." and when I got to read the paperback, it was still a good read.

Now with all the excitement over potential spoilers - which, it hasn't even been verified that any are in fact real - it's hard to find a good source of information, even with Google. A semi-authorative site like Wikipedia or the major Potter fansites aren't going to carry spoilers, real or fake. I've been searching, and everything conflicts.

The following are not spoilers, but an either-or analysis of how I'll probably react.

Harry lives/dies/becomes evil. Harry's fate is the most important spoiler of all. J.K. Rowling has said a few times that she doesn't want to continue writing Potter books and that this is "the end of it". If Harry dies, that would be a smart move on her part. Kill off the possibility of potential sequels, official and fan-written. Although if she either comes up with more stories to tell (or needs the money), the franchise is guaranteed to earn big bucks and that could be open. If he lives, it'll be like "yawn... what's the big deal". Most of us, I think, expect Harry to triumph over Voldemort and restore peace to the wizarding community. I don't like the theory people toss around about Harry going over to the Dark Side. This isn't Star Wars and he isn't Anakin Skywalker. Where Anakin was good, but had that dark streak, Harry is pretty much pure. Him allying with Voldemort or becoming the new Dark Lord just doesn't make sense.

Now, the following link, may contain spoilers. Doing some Google searching, I found an article which not only has statements about what will happen - but what appear to be photocopies of the last chapter as well as chapter lists. Again, I'm not endorsing this, but it's the most reliable site I could find in 3 pages of Google searching. I realize that's not very deep, but I don't care to find the spoilers THAT badly.

Gryffindor Gazette

And the book will be out tomorrow, after which time the fake spoilers will fade away and we'll all know what really happens. Heck, anyone can ride down to Walmart and peek in the book themselves and see what's what.

PS: Comment moderation is enabled, so don't post spoilers. They'll be deleted. A link with a warning, sure - as long as the link is valid (actually has spoilers, no adult stuff, no warez, minimal if any advertisements).

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