Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our wedding in review, Chapter Three

For the third and final (?) chapter of our wedding in review, here are the pics we posted of the honeymoon, from places we'd stopped.

On our honeymoon, Jen and I stopped at a muscle car museum outside of Knoxville, TN. We looked at all the great cars from the 1960s, 1970s, and both before and after. But the one which really stood out, was of course the 1969 Ford/Shelby Mustang GT-500.

Here's my wife, Jen, with the car...
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...and me with it:

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Here are some more pics from the honeymoon I'd like to share.

Being on Dialup, I can't share them all, and not all at once, but I found that if I resized, cropped, toned up an image, then hosted it - and while it was uploading, worked on the next image (to get it down to dialup size), by the time I was done with that, the first image would be uploaded. So... I give you, some of the rock memorobilia (and related stuff) from our honeymoon.

As you know, every Hard Rock Cafe has authentic memorobilia from bands of all kinds. Pop, Rock, Rap - they've got it all. I snapped pics of a few that caught my eye.

Here's one for the VAN HALEN fans out there. One of Eddie Van Halen's own guitars. In the flesh. Or the plastic, or the fiberglass - or whatever.

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I doubt many of you have heard of Al Jourgensen from MINISTRY. They're a weird metal band from the early 90s. I only know their "Psalm 69" album. Anyway, here's one of Al's guitars.

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But I'm sure most of you know GUNS N ROSES - only one of the most controversial bands (at least frontmen) of all time. The guitar is Duff McKagan's, from his other band, Neurotic Outsiders. (I've heard of them before - I was a big Gn'F'nR fan back in the 90s.) And a couple GnR posters, and their multi-platinum discs.

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After we left the Hard Rock Cafe, we saw this shop on the way back to the car. I had to get a picture of this interesting coincidence, being a KoRn fan.

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And this elevates things to a new level of wrongness. You all know Shakira, I hope. At least the males among you. Colombian belly dancer whose hips don't lie... Oh yeah. But how wrong is this?

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PS - And to top it all off, here's a video of two or three Hard Rock Cafe waiters dancing to Madonna's "Vogue". The source video was kind of dark (it was a still digital camera in video mode) and I've been told that YouTube further degrades videos... so with that in mind, here's the video:
And, well, that wraps up our wedding in review. Today we leave for our first anniversary celebration, to take more pictures.

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