Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh, how I love that woman...

No, I haven't had any to drink. Well... OK, I used mudslide mix as coffee creamer in my last cup, so I have a bit of a buzz. But that doesn't change anything, except perhaps to lower my inhibitions to write a sappy blog post half the recipients of my Blogmail newsletter don't want to see... Anyway.

Last night I told Jen to wake me up by 3 or 4 if she wanted to do anything special. We're broke and will stay that way for a while, but I figured we might go walking somewhere, go see friends, something like that. I woke up, briefly, at 5 - this is PM, now - and quickly dozed off again. When I woke up at 6, I called to her - or at least thought I did - nothing. So, still tired, I get up and come out... What's she doing?

Is she browsing MySpace or the UDMB (the latest incarnation of the board we met on)? Is she reading GameFAQs, doing one of those stupid quizzes, or answering a survey that will just end up telling her she's not in the 2% of the population the survey's sponsor is looking for? Is she watching some Family Guy or Law & Order episodes?

Nope, she's cleaning the kitchen. And I don't mean doing the dishes - she did that last night. No, she's got the counter cleared, has cleaned it, and is straightening up the mess that is our kitchen. And then she mops (well, Swiffer, but the same thing) the floor, but not before letting me get 2 cups of coffee.

So I'm on the Net, surfing forums, doing my normal thing, and at some point she's not around. I kind of knew she wanted to cut the grass, but it didn't quite register - I guess I was still waking up.

So I go into the kitchen - floor's dried by now - and I'm standing there, looking out at her. I cut the over-the-sink light on, hoping she'll see me, but she doesn't, just busy, hard at work, pacing back and forth on the lawn, and we have a huge front lawn. I talk about how we need to get out and walk, but she just spent the last couple hours walking back and forth on the grass.

She's a good woman and I'm lucky to have her. It's days like these I feel it was so worth it to drive all the way across the country to be with her.

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